Updating kitchen cabinets without replacing them

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Updating kitchen cabinets without replacing them

Moving the Door Up and Down Loosen the screws in the hinge plate, as shown in Image 2, and reposition the door before tightening them again.

Moving the Door In and Out To position the door farther away from the carcass, loosen the central screw in the hinge plate and adjust the door accordingly (Image 3). Clamp a scrap of wood firmly against the front face of the door at the position where the drill bit will emerge.

Take time to prepare the wall surfaces and assemble the kitchen cabinets before installing them.

Drawing the first guide line for positioning cabinets is essential to the success of the whole project.

Cabinets and countertops are heavy items, and you will need someone to help you lift them into position.

Installing a kitchen is a job for at least two people, especially when it comes to hanging large wall cabinets.Position the handle against the door and secure the screw in place (Image 3).Position the toekick, pushing the clips in place onto the legs of the cabinets.Replacing doors, drawers and handles can be a great way of updating a kitchen if changing the layout is unnecessary.If you are on a tight budget, you will be amazed how much the look of your kitchen can change with some paint and new hardware.

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Using a drill bit slightly larger in diameter than the threaded screw of the knob or handle, drill through the door until you penetrate the block (Image 1).