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Sequel to Tale of the Two Brothers Arc: Zeref wakes up to find that his curse is gone and he is at the mercy of Fairy Tail. Also contains other stories: Basically a book of overlapping one shots. Join characters like Ben Tennyson, the Ed's, Numbuh 1 and more as they journey the lands to stop this menace.Lapis and Peridot having changed a lot since their time at the barn together.(#37 - Snow Bunny - Happy's surprisingly good at making snowmen, Lucy's sorry she ever joined in in the first place, and Natsu decides to take advantage of having a Lucy body double to practice with, even if it is made of snow.)The continuation after 'This is Our Home'.Peridot is left distraught after losing Lapis and the Barn all in one.

May become M rated due to graphic violence, language and/or romance. Only people at his new school are clearly insane, Maria needs protection from dating, and a new threat looms - Welcome to the Robotnik household! Just when the annual fighting tournament comes to an end, that's when things go wrong and the Subspace Emissary attacks.Lucy hates them but once she stands up for herself, one of them may have already fallen for her punch... Maybe some Gajevy in later chapters They met through the internet. A boy moves from Johto to Hoenn and goes on an adventure to collect all eight Gym badges and inherit the Petalburg Gym from his father.They talked for the first time through the internet. What would happen if this boy and girl meet in real life? Natsu/Lucy Vale is about get crazy when our favorite group of Mobians are teleported there via Chaos Control. Problem: he's sick of Pokémon at the age of twelve. Leaving one's family and destiny isn't an easy thing to do, but Sonic needs to get away to discover if he's the prince his siblings want him to be, or the hero his heart is telling him he is.It'll take more than just the Shadow Ops to ensure the seal's safety.Read on as the Shadow Ops and The Investigation Team try to find out who the Malevolent Entity really is (spoilers).

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They've been growing closer and learning about Earth every single day in their own way.