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But trust, me you can only play this game of microbiology roulette for so long before you will get stung. Looking back, I feel pretty lucky nothing bad was "transmitted." As much as I would treasure the feeling of slipping into those tight little Asian pussies, it's just not very smart, is it? ) I can't be the only monger who has an unsuspecting woman at home who regularly services me, and think how bad it would be to "bring something home." Try explaining THAT! It's a powerful instinct, nature's way of encouraging us to reproduce.So even though I've been an idiot a number of times, a Very interesting post. But if you do it, get tested, and if you test positive, get treated. 19, 2016: Reported STDs at Unprecedented High in the U.if u persist to continue doing this gig, make sure u can handle the consequences (like the freddie mercury type of consequences) and have enough coverage on your health plan. Unfortunately, i got sick 4 times with 3 different probs since i started seeing her. with Mina (twice), Jackie (twice), Ashley and Cemi.each time i get treated, and take a break, go back to see and boom sick again... The last with Mina was a full hour of un-protected vaginal sex.

All you preaching need to know you will not change any thing but how others see you, you all sound like democrats everyone else is to stupid to know how to take care of themselves just let others live their lives. Interestingly it was from a (non AAMP) provider who I'd seen fairly often and is more upscale so I felt comfortable with her.

Eventually our innate human nature of getting board and wanting more unfortunately ends up getting the best of us sometimes. A week later, I started out with a burning sensation while urinating, followed by a swollen urethra and discharge.

A trip to the emergency diagnosed me with having contracted an non-specific urethritis(STI) and gave me anti-biotics. I got tested again, and thankfully have a clean bill of health. Someone once said somewhere on this site "u know what they say, if u keep asking for it, like in russian roulette, at some point in time, ur gonna get it, with a very loud BANG BANG!!!

For head and neck cancer prevention, not just genital warts.

You can live without your small head, but what do they do with your big head and your body after they remove your neck? If you're not then wear a hazmat suit if you feel the need.

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