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Knox immediately wants to know when Jolie’s going to put up the waterslide. ” she says, with a hug, sounding like just about every other loving, exasperated mother in America.

So far, there’s only one piece of personal artwork up—a black-and-white photograph on the mantelpiece of the six children, smiling and holding their various pets—dogs, reptiles, and rodents.

Her hair is down, her feet bare, only a touch of makeup, her skin luminous.

She smiles widely—a beneficent, ethereal wood nymph. She’s not the intense control freak—or at least not obviously so.

With that in question, she roams from room to room—the fabulous kitchen, worthy of a Nancy Meyers movie, charming gray library with a library ladder (her favorite room in the house), the generous landing at the foot of a sweeping staircase, anchored by a round table with a bouquet of white flowers. Jolie laughs and tells her daughter about the swim Dusty just took.

No one’s there, and all is quiet except for the delicate sound of fountains, arched in a row over a swimming pool.

A number of doors to the house are open, as if posing some riddle from a fairy tale—which one to enter?

Things had been rocky for some time, but the last straw was a dramatic trip on a private plane, where there was reportedly a physical and verbal altercation between Pitt and Maddox. and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services began investigating Pitt for child abuse.

When they touched down, Jolie went home with the kids, effectively kicking him out. He was soon cleared and later said in an interview with .

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But as soon as she starts speaking, you realize that your preconceived notions about Jolie aren’t quite right. She comes across, rather, as normal-person friendly and practical, even chitchatty. She moved into this space just four days ago with her six kids.

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