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Dating gingers website

She recounts the first time she saw a redhead being bullied, when she was in kindergarten, and assumes the boy just accepted that as a redhead this is what his life was going to be like.That run in prompts Scott to open up about his own bullying experiences, including a particular nasty reoccurring experience when he was eight.Scott flies over to The Netherlands, and while at the festival, he becomes a bit of a local celebrity.It's the first time in his life he's been the center of attention and not had it accompanied with serious emotional pain, which causes a major breakthrough for him.

Over the course of the film it becomes more about the longterm impact of schoolyard bullying and self-acceptance. Harris explains his unique experience as a redhead.

In September 2012 Scott launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to pay for post-production. The film was released online on August 23, 2013, the same weekend it screened at The Irish Redhead Convention.

A week later it screened at The Redhead Days in the Netherlands.

Every day of second grade all of the students in his class would stand up to tell him they hated him, and when he cried the teacher threatened to beat him.

It is the scar of that experience that shades everything else in his life.

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After "red-gistering" for a ticket, redheads and supporters can watch the "foxygen" music stage, explore the history of ginger in art or compete in categories including "most freckles per square inch" and "best ex-ginger" (an old photo needed for the latter).

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