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Despite urine samples being so commonly required in clinical practice, all current collection methods have limitations.

Choosing the method of collection must balance reliability, speed, contamination, and invasiveness.

Clinical data recorded included whether the child voided within five minutes, and time taken to void; successful catch of urine sample if voided; person performing the standardised cleaning (parent, doctor, or nurse); person performing the suprapubic stimulation in the intervention group (parent, doctor, or nurse); person catching the urine (parent, doctor, or nurse); adverse events; whether the urine collection attempt was abandoned before five minutes and, if so, reason for abandonment; and parental and clinician satisfaction with the urine collection method.

In the intervention arm the clinician (or parent/carer with supervision) additionally rubbed the suprapubic area of the child in a circular pattern with gauze soaked in cold saline held with disposable plastic forceps (fig 1The timer was stopped if the child voided and clean catch urine was obtained, and time to void was recorded.

Secondary outcomes were successful collection of a urine sample, contamination rate, and parental and clinician satisfaction with the method.

Results The Quick-Wee method resulted in a significantly higher rate of voiding within five minutes compared with standard clean catch urine (31% 45%, P=0.29).

We evaluated the efficacy of this new voiding stimulation method to increase the rate of urine voiding within five minutes for infants in the emergency department.

This was a randomised, prospective, non-blinded superiority trial, conducted from September 2015 to April 2016 in a single tertiary paediatric emergency department at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Australia.

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The emergency department has 85 000 presentations annually.

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